DIY label established 2005


Le storie che invento non le so raccontare


Electronica, pop, field recordings, songs. Yes sireee, proper. One man boyband from Italy. For fans of music.

Chapter II video directed and produced by Francesco Lettieri, song features on Side A of this record.


Italian mastery of an instrumental-folk-pop and sound-art hybrid. Rather bloody beautiful.

“As is with lathe-cut records, one must gain something out of the gentle, arrhythmic crackles and pops that play alongside the music, but also, the music on the record must fit comfortably alongside that extraneous sound, maybe so much so that the lo-fi noises don’t feel extraneous, but a part of the record itself.

Released by the highly respectable Dirty Demos label, on a subtle run of eighty copies, this 7” EP’s content bores from Italian solo-artist K-Conjog, and in essence, the artist’s sound is a soft mix of gentle folk-pop melodies and infrequent, almost surreal audio cut-ups; a soothing blend of laid-back, effortlessly beautiful guitar lines and sound art, and entirely instrumental.

While the majority of what the tracks are made up of (that folk-pop vibe) can hardly be called groundbreaking, K-Conjog’s subtle inclusions of sound art and audio pieces give a lo-fi, experimental edge to his music, which if taken out might not be too noteworthy or interesting. And given the extra qualities given by the lathe-cut 7” rather than if it had been a normally-pressed record, the level of attractiveness within K-Conjog’s music is all the more heightened, and subtly, which is something I find very respectable.

Although I don’t know which side is Side A or B (something that annoys me with some records), the record is made up of four tracks called “chapters,” all played in a non-linear narrative, which may (or probably) makes this a concept EP, making the “almost surreal” audio cut-ups perhaps not so surreal after all.

It’s a very subtle record. The artwork, the music and its nuances, everything’s very subtle and minimal. And this provides a great deal of gratification within music that, when stripped of its subtleties and nuances, would still be okay to listen, but nothing to shout about. Impressive work. And I don’t think I’ve ever used the word subtle so much at one time.”

- Samuel Hunt, Music Rooms

“Già detentore dell’interessante “Il nuovo è al passo coi tempi” (Snowdonia, 2009), Fabrizio Somma, in arte K-Conjog, prosegue il suo cammino con un 7” in tiratura limitata, “Le storie che invento non le so raccontare”, un concentrato di ammennicoli strumentali che riprende e sviluppa la seconda parte del “Nuovo”, la meno sperimentale (e la meno convincente).
Il gioiellino melodico è comunque “Chapter II”, nella prima facciata, un’illusione sonora tra effetto reverse e una cavatina neoclassica (con tabla). “Chapter IV” e “Chapter III” sono duetti tra fingerpicking acustico e pianoforte, con dosi variate di campionamenti di voci (canto di donna, vociare infantile, cori gravi, etc). “Chapter I” è la più elettronica.
Preceduto dall’uscita di “Mono No Aware” (un crescendo di 10 minuti che è una sorta di “Where The Streets Have No Name” degli U2 per l’era dei Sigur Ros), composizione su commissione per un’esposizione multimediale, l’arte di Somma ristagna sul sottofondo e l’abbellimento, con qualche sparuta punta di elaborazione barocca. Videoclip al contrario in stile “Memento” per “Chapter II”, a cura del videomaker Francesco Lettieri.”

- Michele Saran, Ondarock


  • K-Conjog
  • Le storie che invento non le so raccontare
  • Format: Lathe 7" (Clear)
  • Limited Edition: 80
  • Time: 11:50
  • Cat No. Dirty7 005
  • Release Date: December 2010

Tracks and Audio Excerpts

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