DIY label established 2005

Pinkeye Feat. Linda

The Lost Form Of Echo


A short but sweet journey of acoustic folk woven with electronix and noise.


Pinkeye is one Nick, and he gets vocal help by one Linda. Six tracks in only twelve minutes, but it’s hardly punkrock here. Linda sings with quite a neat voice, and Nick produces rather experimental, even noisy sounds. That would perhaps be an uneasy marriage, but it works really well.

Some of the music seems to be produced in the living room, with someone doing the dishes, but the whole thing is rather cleverly made, with double tracking of the voices, and slight processing of the voice. In ‘Stay Awake Now!’, Nick picks up the guitar and the two play a nice popsong.

Quite a captivating release, in all its direct and weirdness. - Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly 552


  • Pinkeye Feat. Linda
  • The Lost Form Of Echo
  • Format: 3" CDR
  • Limited Edition: 40
  • Time: 12:04
  • Cat No. DirtyCDR 001
  • Release Date: September 2006

Tracks and Audio Excerpts

  1. Test